Seton Hall University
Seton Hall Community Members Volunteering at a Flower Garden

Experiential Learning

Education Through Experience

Experiential learning allows students to hone their skills in real-world settings while making a positive impact on their own future and the communities around them.
Students make real connections that open doors through opportunities such as faculty-led research, hands-on lab experience, running marketing events for a sports team, managing a radio broadcast, serving meals at a local soup kitchen or studying in Italy.

Students out in New York City


Explore hundreds of internships at businesses and institutions in the NYC area through our award-winning career center.

Seton Hall Students Volunteering

Community Outreach and Servant Leadership

Respond to local and global community needs through direct service and reflection.

护理 student working in the field

Clinical Rotations and Field Placement

Become career-ready for professional success through required clinical rotations and field placements.

教师 Led Research

教师-mentored Student Research Experiences

Hands-on research projects help develop critical thinking, 数据分析, 演讲技巧, and the exploration of original ideas.

Students on a study abroad trip


Globalize your education through study abroad! Spend anywhere from a week to an entire year abroad. Your adventure awaits you.

教师 and Student working together

Prestigious Fellowships

Compete for prestigious fellowships that yield national and international experiential learning opportunities.

Artistic Expression at WSOU Radio

Artistic Performance and Expression

Explore creative communication and expression through the arts.

Students accepting an award at a competition

Professional Competitions, Challenges and Bootcamps

Competitions raise awareness about career opportunities and encourage students to learn from, 与, leaders across professions.