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Brownson Speech 而且 Debate Team Continues Success in New Season  

a photo of students from the Brownson Speech 而且 Debate Team

布朗森演讲和辩论队, 从左, 梅格Gawron, Safa谢赫, 丹·奥康纳, Rin琼斯, 而且 Bryce Leatham championed the tournament at Lafayette College.

Continuing the record-breaking success of the 2021-2022 academic season, Brownson Speech 而且 Debate Team members won 24 individual awards in their first in-person regional tournament of the new season. 在10月. 1-2 double-header intercollegiate competition in Fairfax, Virginia was hosted by George Mason University 而且 attracted 12 schools. 小, but mighty Seton Hall team with a limited entry of four students earned Second School Sweepstakes on day one 而且 fourth place on the second day.

另外,在第一天, 梅格Gawron, a senior in the School of Diplomacy 而且 International Relations, achieved second place in the individual overall speaker category. 第二天, 丹尼尔·奥康纳, a senior in the College of Communication 而且 the Arts, was crowned as the first-place individual overall speaker at the tournament.

Gawron earned first place in 散文 Interpretation; O’Connor earned first place in Communication Analysis 而且 有说服力的演讲; 而且 Safa谢赫, a senior in the School of Diplomacy 而且 International Relations, received first place in 即兴演讲. Gawron also earned second place in Persuasion 而且 无准备的演讲 而且 Shaikh in Communication Analysis.

副院长Ryan Hudes,博士.D. 说, "The administrators 而且 faculty in the College of Communication 而且 the Arts continue to be inspired 而且 impressed by our Brownson Speech 而且 Debate team, including outst而且ing contributions 而且 achievements by students, as well as steadfast 而且 inspiring leadership from our coaches."

In their second regional competition at Lafayette College, 接下来的周末, they championed the tournament 而且 won seven 个别事件, including Gawron as first place overall speaker.

"This exciting milestone of in-person, regional competition was invigorating 而且 successful for our Pirate speakers, who successfully spread our messages of advocacy, 多样性, equity 而且 inclusion with grace 而且 dignity,“共享 Communication 而且 the Arts Chair, Director of Forensics 而且 Associate Professor 凯瑟琳Zizik.

She thanked Provost Katia Passerini, Ph.D., College of Communication 而且 the Arts Interim Dean Renee Robinson, Ph.D. 而且 their staffs for their continued support.

"We are so proud of our students for their continued success on the Brownson Speech 而且 Debate Team 而且 especially for their ability to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems,帕萨利尼教务长说. "I thank our dedicated faculty for their work guiding this team 而且 for all the countless impactful 体验式学习项目 他们领导, because these endeavors teach students how to connect their academic learning 而且 success to our mission, how to be responsible 而且 active citizens making a more just, 公平的, 健康的世界."

"The resilience of this squad continues to amaze me. Their messages are so timely 而且 mission driven. When the students speak, the heart, mind, 而且 spirit of their audience members are moved. I am so happy that our students are in this activity for the right reasons — to make real change in meaningful topics that often go unvoiced," added Zizik.

Also mentoring the students are Brian Sumereau, 助理教练和校友, who traveled with the team to Fairfax, 而且 主教练萨姆·奥伦伯格-霍普金斯, who has been elevated to assistant director of forensics.

布朗森演讲和辩论队 is known for its tradition of rhetorical excellence for more than 75 years. This forensics team competed in a wide variety of speaking events through the United States. While forensics typically refers to investigation, the term uniquely applies to the team's ability to dissect language 而且 craft messages to perform on stage.

Students compete under four main categories: Limited Preparation, 公共地址, Oral Interpretation of Literature 而且 International Public Debate. Students who compete in Limited Preparation perform 无准备的演讲 而且 即兴演讲. Students who compete in 公共地址 perform 饭后演讲, 有说服力的演讲, Informative Speaking 而且 Communication Analysis. Students interested in Oral Interpretation compete in 散文, 诗歌, 项目口语口译, 戏剧性的复制品 而且 戏剧的单一解读. Students interested in International Public Debate argue either in favor of or opposed to a position 而且 resolution.

For more information on Brownson Speech 而且 Debate team, visit 在这里.

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